2020 Amateur Golf Tournaments

2020 Amateur Golf Tournaments

If you want to experience some of the best courses in the UK and Ireland and love the thrill of competitive golf, then perhaps you should consider entering one of the many tournaments that are available to play in 2020.

Tournament List 2020

To help you we have developed a handy tournament list of great events that have been confirmed, along with a few from 2019 that are likely to take place but are subject to confirmation.

So why should you consider a tournament as part of your golf tour to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and/ or England? Well here are my top five reasons:

  1. Accessibility: It is not always possible to get access to some of the best golf courses. At Eire Golf Tours we try our hardest but the popular golf courses can book up along time in advance. Tee times are often put aside for tournament golf so if you have ever wanted to play somewhere in particular this route is worth considering.
  1. Value for money: Golf tournaments tend to offer better value than booking individual tee times. It is simply about economies of scale for golf clubs and this is great news for the tournament golfer.
  1. Meet new friends: Tournament golf provides an opportunity to travel the world and meet likeminded people. These events are competitive, but they are also fun. You can expect to meet new golfing buddies who live locally and some that have come from very far away.
  1. Win great prizes: It is not all about the winning but when you do play well, especially on a new course, you deserve a prize. Expect some great prizes to showcase to your friends at home just how brilliant you are tournament golf. Prizes are often available on a daily and overall basis, so it doesn’t really matter if you play badly on day 1.
  1. Flexibility: tournaments tend to only last 3 or 4 days, so you still have flexibility to go off with your friends and play other golf courses in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and/ or England. Eire Golf Tours is here to help you get that balance right.

There are golf tournaments to suit all preferences. So, whether your preference is individual or team events there is an option for you. Most tournaments are open to both male and female golfers although a few do have handicap restrictions.

At Eire Golf Tours we love a good tournament. If you fancy giving it a go, then get in touch and we will help you organise.

If it is not for you then don’t worry. Get in touch with us and we will design you a bespoke tour golf that makes everyone feel like winner.

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Eire Golf Tours offer a premium experience at competitive prices. Our bespoke golf tours to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales are completely tailored to you and your party. Explore our Website for more detail and head over to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for first hand insight.

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